Monday, October 11, 2010

Tour of the Windows Phone 7 Global Device Portfolio

Windows Phone 7 will be available in a variety of sleek form factors this holiday season, optimized to make everyday tasks faster. The company worked closely with four device partners – Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung – on hardware design to bring distinctive phones to market that take advantage of the best aspects of Windows Phone 7: a glance-and-go experience designed to bring the things smartphone users love most front and center, in fewer steps.

Windows Phone 7 is designed for both business and entertainment – it’s the only phone on the market with Office Mobile, and the only phone that delivers Xbox LIVE and streaming music via a Zune Pass.

Windows Phone 7 will ship on nine phones though 60 mobile operators in 30 countries around the world this holiday season.

Take a Tour of the Windows Phone 7 Global Device Portfolio with Steve Guggenheimer

(Source: Microsoft Shows Off Rich Variety of Windows Phone 7 Devices)

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