Saturday, November 20, 2010

Microsoft helps in hacking Kinect to control Windows 7


Picture Courtesy : Wolfgang Herfurtner

Controlling Windows 7 using Kinect is one of the coolest things Kinect can do. This was made possible by the Evoluce software team that worked hard on multitouch and gesture control solutions supported by Microsoft.


“The software is based on the latest Evoluce Multitouch Input Management driver that offer many API´s like TUIO, Flash and Java. With the multi-gesture control mode for Windows 7 a natural user interface is created that will change the way we will communicate with the PC and consumer electronics in every day life.”


Kinect Controls Windows 7

Here in the video you can see many Windows 7 programs being controlled just by hand gestures. Even two people are shown controlling separate objects.

“Multi-gesture and multi-user interaction unleashes exciting possibilities for a multitude of applications like gaming, consumer electronics, office, events, education, command and control, point of sale and medical systems. Soon you will plug in depth sensing devices like Kinect into your PC and you will start intuitive communication with your computer and other users.”

Source: Wolfgang Herfurtner  Multitouch and Gesture Computing Blog 

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EDIT 24/11/10 -  Here’s a new Video of Kinect giving Windows 7 Minority Report Treatment

The video shows how to navigate through websites and maps, click on icons and use the on-screen keyboard.

Kinect giving Windows 7 Minority Report Treatment

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