Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Steve Ballmer is On Twitter !

Yes Steve Ballmer is on twitter. His first tweet was on 19 Apr 09 . But it came to notice recently when he was at Kiev Polytechnic Institute and the moderator asked him When he’s going to be on twitter. Here’s the excerpt of that conversation -


MODERATOR: Here comes my favorite. I read it. Mr. Ballmer, recently I've tried to follow you on Twitter, but I couldn't find you there. When are you going to start tweeting?

STEVE BALLMER: I'm very  I have a Twitter account. I'm just very private about who I really am on Twitter. So, I'll tell you what. Somebody  who asked the question, is the person in the room, by any chance, who asked this question, anybody? OK.

That means somebody is shy. That's OK. So, what I'm going to do right now, just give me something you want me to tweet. I will tweet from KPI from my Windows Phone. Let me just bring it up here real quick. What do you want me to tweet? I love KPI, how's that?

All right. I love KPI. Now, you know how to find me on Twitter.



And that’s how the news about Steve Ballmer being on twitter came out. One can follow him at @stevebmicrosoft 




Source - And my friend manan noticed this and tweeted and blogged about it. That’s how the word spread .

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Parag said...

Steve Ballmer is in the news for a good amount of days now. More so for his recent selling of Microsoft shares.