Saturday, May 07, 2011

Microsoft Future Home

Glimpse the technologies we may see in our homes in 5 to 10 years.

Located on Microsoft Corp.'s Redmond, Wash. campus, the Microsoft Home is a place to explore technology scenarios that could transform the way we live in next 5 to 10 years. Built as a full-scale model home in the company’s Executive Briefing Center, the Home is used to explore practical applications of cutting-edge technical trends, and exhibit futuristic prototype technologies to a variety of industry and government leaders, partners and customers.



Unfortunately The Microsoft Home is not open to the public but Channel 9 was given special permission to film a sneak-peak tour for this episode of Microsoft Campus Tours.

Steve Clayton and Flora Goldthwaite give channel9 an exclusive tour of The Microsoft Home.

The technologies illustrate how computing that works on your behalf rather than at your command could help us live healthier and more sustainable lives, manage and track a wealth of information, stay connected to the people who are important to us, make learning a fun and immersive experience, and explore the richness of the world around us.


In the Home, the physical and digital worlds come together to provide new kinds of experiences. Using sensor technology, the Home can assemble a grocery list, suggest recipes based on available items in the pantry and refrigerator, and offer step-by-step guidance.


In the teenager’s bedroom, every surface is an interactive display. The room’s design can change to match the mood, with immersive experiences, entertainment and social connections seamlessly integrated into the environment.

Ask the Home “What’s up?” and it will respond with updates, including upcoming appointment reminders, recent messages, and traffic and weather notifications. The Home also can offer assistance in the kitchen, projecting a recipe on the countertop surface and reading it aloud.

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(source: Microsoft Campus Tours - The Microsoft Home)

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