Friday, May 13, 2011

Skype now offers Group Video Calls

Microsoft Skype now offers Group Video calls *. This is what’s there in this new upgrade I just did.

Now you can make video calls to 3 or more people all connected at the same time. Everyone on the call will be able to see and hear each other.

Group video calls will be perfect for family catch ups and business video conferencing.





Just a point to note-  that even after Microsoft’s Skype acquisition, the upgrade still provided the Free Google Chrome offer . I just said ‘No Thank You’ and proceeded.



Similarly the Google pack also still includes Skype -


Let us see how long both Microsoft and Google promote each other’s product. Smile 

Get the Skype from here

* Edit (14/05/11) – As @paulbeattie points out that this feature was offered since sometime now. May be it was there for paid subscribers only. Now with this upgrade , Skype may be offering it to everybody to try, then if one likes and wants to keep continuing Group Video calls , one has to subscribe to the service. More clarity is need from Skype regarding this.

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