Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SkyDrive changelog


Yesterday Microsoft released a new version of SkyDrive (New Windows Live SkyDrive : Features and Review ) built using HTML5 for the modern web.

For those who are interested in the nitty gritty, here’s the changelog as provided by the SkyDrive team -

SkyDrive ver 16.0 (Build 1648.0617)

Site -

  • New layout, look and feel and site architecture
  • SSL enabled on all authenticated pages
  • Clean URLs (Removed most of the junk from the URLs)
  • SkyDrive can now be pinned to your Windows 7 taskbar with jumplists (IE9)
  • Header now says SkyDrive
  • What’s new feed for docs and photos removed
  • Upload file size limit now 100 MB
  • Moved to edge-to-edge layout to take advantage of larger screens
  • Reduced size of Header to give more room to your content
  • New mobile views for all Photos / Docs experiences

Photos -

  • Brand new Photos experience
  • HTML 5 Videos playback
  • Thumbnails generated for H.264 video
  • CSS3 Transitions for albums and 1-up view
  • Photo album thumbnails now “pulse”
  • Thumbnails generated for all photo sizes (previously limited to 5000px)
  • Support for aspect ratio thumbnails (including panorama)

Docs -

  • Icons for PDFs filetypes
  • Recent document includes more items
  • Open in Office Client from SkyDrive now gives you the option to install Office 2010 trial using Click-to-Run technology
  • Performance improvements to the Office Web Apps in IE9
  • Details view now supports touch

Groups -

  • SkyDrive Groups now appear in the left nav giving you one click access to Group Content

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