Sunday, September 18, 2011

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta released. Supports Kinect extensively ! Download for FREE Now!!


The robotics group announced the release of the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta.


Stathis Papaefstathiou, General Manager, Microsoft Robotics announced it today -

“It's inspiring to see the tremendous excitement with Microsoft Kinect within the robotics space signaling the energy and potential opportunities that exist in essentially transforming robots to low-cost mainstream consumer devices. This beta release is one of our early steps towards realizing our long term strategy of accelerating the consumer robotics industry. “

A Look At Robotics Developer Studio 4 Beta


This release has extensive support for the Kinect sensor hardware through the Kinect for Windows SDK allowing developers to create Kinect-enabled robots

28990-MFor the first time we define a Kinect-based hardware reference platform that can help in the delivery of an affordable and capable robot that will be able to support technologies and scenarios for the consumer audience. Most everyone can build a robot using this specification, and we are working with robotic hardware vendors that will make kits and preassembled units available. The first such kit is called EDDIE and it is available from Parallax for pre-order now. EDDIE is intended to be a turnkey solution for using RDS with this platform and our aspiration is that there will be development and sharing of technology for this hardware platform. In addition, we made sure that there is an accurate representation of a robot that is based on the hardware platform in our simulation environment. You can start developing your applications in the simulator before you decide to buy and run them on a physical robot.

The second additional feature in RDS 4 is the availability of Kinect services that support the Kinect for Windows SDK.This unlocks a whole new world around Human Robot Interaction (HRI) with the use of skeleton tracking and speech. But we are also making available the raw sensor stream for your use in building additional capabilities such as navigation algorithms.

In RDS 4 we make available for the first time the CCR programming model in Silverlight.

Please visit  Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio Web site for more details.

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