Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tweak Windows 8 with Metro UI Tweaker

Windows 8 Developer Preview has generated lots of excitement across the globe with its release at BUILD couple of days back.( Windows 8 Developer Preview available for download Now ! ) Within less than a day of its release there were more than 500000 downloads.

Being a Developer Preview , the most exited are the developers and are trying out various things. TheWindowsClub has released a FREE tool called Metro UI Tweaker v 1.0 designed to tweak a few settings that are unavailable to users in Windows 8.

The tweaks being currently offered are:

  1. Disable Metro Start Menu: Disables only Metro Start Menu Screen. This function requires editing a System File. It does not remove the file.
  2. Disable Metro Ribbon: Disables only the Metro Ribbon UI. This function I discovered myself. It requires Taking Ownership of a System File. It does not remove this file.
  3. Disable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon: Disables the Metro Start Menu UI, Ribbon UI, Metro Task Manager UI and the Lock Screen.
  4. Enable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon: Re-enables all available Metro UI options.
  5. Add Power Options to the Metro Start Menu Screen: Logoff, Switch User, Lock, Sleep, Restart and Shutdown
  6. Add any Application/File to the Metro UI Start Menu Screen: Some Applications/Files may not be available to you to add to the Metro Start Menu Screen. This program allows you to add those Applications/Files which would otherwise be unavailable.


Metro UI Tweaker v 1.0 for Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit, has been developed by Lee Whittington for The Windows Club. It will be updated with more tweaks from time to time.

For more details, instructions and to download this FREE tool, please check- 

Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 Released

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