Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unboxing Samsung Windows 8 Developer Preview PC given at BUILD ! Video, specifications and screenshots

build_logoAt BUILD yesterday one heard loud cheers from the attendees when during the demo of Windows 8 on Samsung Tablet, it was announced there were 5000 of them in the warehouse to be given to all the BUILD attendees! Mike Angiulo, Corporate Vice President of Hardware & PC Ecosystem gave a detailed first look at unboxing this device

Here’s the Specification of the Samsung Windows Developer Preview PC . Its one of the slides shown at BUILD. As you can see it’s a full fledged PC Spec ready to be used for development. So a Tablet running Visual Studio. Very very impressive Specs -


Check out the unboxing video -

Source : Channel 9

Here are some screenshots of the same-

As it has UEFI booting it boots blazingly fast


It’s a developer PC, It also has a Home button to go back to Start. The Box also has a Pen , its not just Pen but a electromagnetic Digitizer. So its like a Tablet PC, later u can see it being transformed to Desktop


And something at BUILD that was not shown. This Tablet PC can be converted to Full form factor Desktop PC. So the Samsung also provided Bluetooth Keyboard


and a slick dock base integrated with HDMI, USB, ethernet ports.samsung5a

And a compact powersupply for ease of carrying around


The Sensors in are Accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer and also NFC antenna on backsamsungbld1

Since its a setup for Developers it comes preloaded with Visual Studio 11 Express , Expression Blend and many Metro Style apps and of course the 64 bit Windows 8 Developer Preview.

With such features and formfactor who would not like to get their hands on it?

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