Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nokia Lumia 800 sales starts in India !

As expected the sales of Nokia Lumia 800 started in India, today, as just a few minutes back Nokia India tweeted about the same. Tennis Star Sania Mirza handed over the Nokia Lumia 800 to consumer who had pre-booked their Lumia 800s.


Sania Mirza giving away Nokia Lumia 800 to consumers who pre-booked at Ambience mall, Gurgaon. (pic courtesy @NokiaIndia)

This is the First Windows Phone from Nokia.


For more details about this stunning phone, check Nokia India.

UPDATE: 16/12/11  From the blog of a person who actually was there at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, there were lots of #smallamazings as NokiaIndia describes. Whoever got the Nokia Lumia 800 yesterday at the inauguration sale at Ambience mall got a gift of Xbox 360 with Kinect !! That’s really Wow!! (Source: ZOMGITSCJ ) (<< This has to be confirmed as I’m also getting reports that it was a lucky draw, not all of them got the gift >>  Now confirmed by Clinton Jeff – “ It was supposed to be a lucky draw but Nokia India decided to surprise everyone and give it away to pre-orders yesterday “ )

Also the Lumia 710 went on for Sale. Also there was a  Lumia shaped cake cut….and much more

Below posted Picture Courtesy ZOMGITSCJ



For more excellent pictures and first account view of the Inaugural Sale Please check ZOMGITSCJ


Nokia Lumia 800 said...

gosh, thankyou so much 4 ur information, it is realy a crap phone....wish nokia rectify the problem in nxt line up windows phones

vasudev said...

Pl tell what prob are you facing?