Friday, January 13, 2012

Hotmail providing Free Hotmail Plus codes to upgrade to Hotmail Plus !

As you know Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 is going on in Vegas (10-13 Jan, 2012) and huge rush of visitors is happening to visit various Exhibitors booths. And the exhibitors are also providing goodies for the visitors at CES. Hotmail is also providing lots of cool prizes for CES visitors. And for those who can not make it to CES, Hotmail is providing 12 month Hotmail Plus codes to upgrade your Hotmail account to Hotmail Plus.  (In short Hotmail Plus provides even more out of Hotmail – Apart from all the cool Free Hotmail features, it provides extras like more storage, no account expiration and no ads in Hotmail or SkyDrive. Hotmail Plus comes for $19.95 / year.)

So Hotmail is providing codes to upgrade your Hotmail account to Hotmail Plus during the CES. So how to get this code?

Just follow Hotmail on twitter as they will be tweeting these codes. Actually it has already started and will continue today also, 13th is the last day at CES.(Pacific time).


Please note, these are one-time use codes,So if someone activates it before you do, the code will fail for you.The first one to activate it, gets Hotmail Plus.So be alert and keep looking for the tweet on the last day at CES. Here’s a small tip, make sure you are logged into Hotmail account as you enter these codes into page you are taken to provided by the tweet. Smile


And remember these are all one-time use code so whoever enters it first will upgrade to Hotmail Plus else you’ll get this message -


Get ready and watch for the tweets on the last day 13th of the CES (Pacific Time) as Hotmail Team has promised to provide more codes on the last day also. Try and get lucky to have an Hotmail Plus account for FREE!

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