Friday, February 17, 2012

[Book] Building the Perfect PC by By Robert Thompson, Barbara Thompson from O’Reilly

If you’re contemplating to build your own PC, be it any kind – This is the Book for You!

Building the Perfect PC, 3rd Edition by Robert Bruce Thompson, Barbara Fritchman Thompson from O’Reilly is the book for all who are thinking of building their own PC or those who just want to know what goes inside the PC. Actually Building a PC now a days is not only for Geeks but with this book any one interested can build.

Bldg PerfectPC

This book will surely help to select the best components as per your need and assemble them into a working PC. And I’m sure the joy you get when you switch on your own built PC.

The book covers each chapter very well starting from the Fundamentals, Chapter1 covers -Why Build a PC?, Things to know before you start, Things you need to have and Troubleshooting – the main fear every first time builder has, if it doesn’t start, then what? Thus this book Troubleshooting provides confidence in the first time builder.

Chapter2 covers Choosing and Buying the Component in detail. Every component in detail with finer points and buying guides.

After this comes various chapters on Building of different kinds of PCs. Each chapter (Chapter3 to Chapter 8) covering a type of PC, be it a Budget PC, A Mainstream System, An Extreme System, A media center system,Appliance/Nettop system, Home Server.

All these are covered in-depth. Each dedicated chapter is with lots of details and screenshots.


Surely this Book is for everyone interested in Building a PC themselves and also for those who just wants to know the insides of a PC. And building a PC yourself will not only saves costs but also its custom made as per your exact requirement and better quality. Surely recommended even for those with no experience and experienced, everyone will find this book very interesting.

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