Thursday, July 12, 2012

Microsoft Translator Hub – Customize Translation, teach Machines new languages !

Microsoft today announced the launch of its latest translation tool, the Microsoft Translator Hub. The Hub allows people to customize translation and in some cases teach machines new languages.


Automatic language translation has been dominated by a few major providers, resulting in coverage that is limited to fewer than 100 languages—even though there are more than 7,000 languages in the world. Speakers of these other languages must adopt non-indigenous languages to be able to access the global knowledge base—or they risk being excluded from the vast wealth of information it offers.

Microsoft Translator Hub empowers users to build translation models that help preserve indigenous languages. It also allows the creation of translations within a given language that are scoped to the specific interests of a community or organization—ranging from transportation and agriculture to healthcare and technology.

  • Translation between any two languages via a web-accessible system in a private workspace.
  • Create, improve, and deploy custom translation systems.

  • Develop automated language translation between virtually any pair of languages via cloud and web services.

  • Cultural and language preservation—the ability to translate lesser-known languages helps keep native languages alive and helps preserve native cultures.

  • Crowdsourcing—designated members of the public can participate to help improve the translation system.

  • Domain-specific models—users can build highly customized systems that are scoped to specific domains of interest.

  • Powered by Microsoft Translator technology—systems benefit from powerful technology and big translation models.

Powered by Windows Azure, Microsoft Translator Hub is an extension to the Microsoft Translator platform and service.


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