Monday, December 17, 2012

[Book] Windows 8 for Tablets - Plain and Simple

With the release of Windows 8, you have lots of Windows 8 tablets running Windows 8 in the  market. And with tablets comes the cool Touch interface, a new way to interact with Windows. Though you had touch based devices for earlier versions of Windows too but Windows 8 has been specially made for touch devices. Its fluid interface makes it very intuitive, easy and fun to use.

But for some people who are completely new to Windows or to those Windows users who are not sure how to do everything with their new Windows 8 based Tablets, this new book deals with that everything. Yes some users will have a bit of learning curve with Windows 8 but once they know, they’ll enjoy it and appreciate its cool new fluid interface.

The book is -

Windows® 8 for Tablets Plain & Simple By Simon May 

Publisher: Microsoft Press

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With this book, one can learn and enjoy the Windows 8 touch experience on your new tablet. One will learn and use the new Start screen to find everything one needs as some Windows users may need some learning curve for this Start Screen being new.

The Book is full color easy guide. One can start from any page and jump right into the topic and get the answer they need.  Its full of screenshots that makes it very easy to follow for everyone, even if one doesn’t have the tablet yet.

One can spend time with Tablets learning, exploring by themselves what Windows 8 is. But having this book will guide and cut down the time by providing the quickest and easiest way to do that. And the book also does cover what you can do with keyboard and mouse too.

The Book has covered chapters starting from

Exploring your Tablet, Interacting, Customizing with Windows 8, Connecting to Wifi, internet Bluetooth, Windows Defender, Safety, Family Safety. Apart from these there are separate Chapter on Apps,Mail, Social Networks, Music and Video, Cloud Storage with SkyDrive, Photo app.

Next you have chapters on How to keep files organized, Connecting your Tablet to TV and Display Devices, Printers. Then a chapter on fixing Common problems. And you have Glossary which also includes Touch Gestures Reference.

Overall a very handy book full of screenshots, easy to understand language,handy tips and Try This Exercises to apply what you have learnt. Must have book for beginners and also those who wants to quickly master the new Windows 8 interface on a touch device.

A must have book for those who are new to Touch interface and think they require some help in learning this new UI of Windows. I’ll rate this book at 4.5/5  The Book is available for purchase at from where you can also download the Free Sampler.

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