Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Akamai Download Manager fail to start in MSDN / TechNet downloads

Some of the MSDN and TechNet subscribers have issues with the Akamai Download manager while downloading subscription files.

What is Akamai Download manager & why do I have to use it?

To help you download large files with reduced chance of interruption, some downloads require the use of the Akamai Download Manager. You can easily pause, resume, and stop the download process. Use the Download Manager for efficient installations, time-saving features, and automatic restarting if the download process is interrupted.

MSDN and TechNet has provided Akamai Download Manager help with answers to various issues. One can refer to it at Akamai Download Manager help

But for me none of these helped as I tried to download the subscription files from MSDN/TechNet. The Akamai Download Manager did not even appeared or offered to install, though it has been installed since long time. Had faced the issue earlier too in Windows 7 & followed similar steps. I’m using Internet Explorer. And now on Windows 8.1 Pro Preview running IE 11 Preview, happened the same. I checked with security settings, still did not help. Then tried these steps which allowed me to download subscription files using Akamai Download Manager on IE.

Open your MSDN subscription page in IE, and from Tools > Click on ‘Compatibility View Settings’ and add Microsoft.com to Compatibility View.


Since you have opened the MSDN page, it’ll list Microsoft.com in ‘Add this website’, add it.


Now Refresh the page, and try the subscription download again, now you’ll see the Akamai download Manager message if you had it already installed earlier or will offer to install


And still if the download manager Addon doesn’t start, check if Tools> ActiveX filtering is checked, Uncheck it. Or Turn off from the address bar by clicking on that blue circle (In IE11)


Now you’ll see IE asking for the DLM Addon to run at bottom of screen. Run add-on.


And now the Akamai Download Manager starts with your download,


So give it try and see if it works for you too. Same steps also works with Windows 7 running IE10.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Had the same issue and was going around in circles with no result until trying your fix.


vasudev said...

Nice to know that your issue was resolved!