Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get some Scroogled Products from Microsoft Store

Are you being Scroogled?

Tired of being Scroogled? Then you’re in luck…check out these products showing in different ways how you are being Scroogled!

Do you use Google Search? Or Gmail?  Or Google Chat?  Then Google is watching you…all the time.

Hate being Scroogled by Google? Hate the sun in your eyes? Then you’re in luck. This 100% cotton, one-size-fits all hat is a perfect way to avoid both.


Microsoft Store is offering some cool Scroogled Products. Some of the Scroggled products include: Mugs, different types of T-shirts, Hoodie, caps.




Check some of the messages on these Scroogled products:



Check all the products and buy them from here.

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