Monday, February 24, 2014 completes 1year! Thank you video from Engineering team!

Last week on Feb 18th, completed its 1 year coming out of preview and rolling out to all worldwide. I have been its users since Preview days or you can say since Hotmail days. is much improved with some of its great features like -

  • seamless integration with OneDrive, which makes it easy to access your music,photos and files right from your inbox.
  • Skype, Facebook and Google Chat right from your inbox.
  • Newsletters and social updates are automatically organized.
  • Powerful feature like Sweep.
  • Open and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right from your inbox for free.
  • Apart from this, many cool tools for clutter-free inbox and many more other features.

And often the team asks for the users feedback and many features have been implemented on users requests.

To mark one-year anniversary the Engineering team posts a Thank-You video , thanking its customers!

Thank You !!

Celebrate on Twitter using the hashtag #OutlookTurnsOne

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