Thursday, March 20, 2014

Remember your First Tweet? Find & Celebrate with Twitter’s 8th Birthday

Twitter had already provided option to its users to download their Twitter archive. As Twitter celebrates its 8th Birthday, tomorrow on 21st March its taking a look at some of the first Tweets.

Here’s a selection of some memorable first Tweets —

And not only this, you can celebrate your #FirstTweet, too.

“Using this Tweet tool, you can look back to find your very first Tweet — or for that matter, anyone else’s. Just type in your @username, or that of anyone — your best pal, favorite comedian, a star or a president.” And this can be tweeted too.

“Celebrate first Tweets together by using the hashtag #FirstTweet.”


So what are you waiting for, remember your first tweet & tweet it to celebrate Twitter’s Birthday.


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