Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Add an extra layer of security to your Microsoft account!

You can create an extra layer of security to your Microsoft Account, just by adding contact information such as phone number or email address to your Microsoft Account. This information lets you prove your identity should you need to make changes to your account—for example, if you forget your password or think your account might have been hacked.

After you add this information, you'll need to verify that you have access to it before you can use it to prove your identity. You may also receive an error on your device when you try to download your account or sign in on your device if you have not verified your newly added security information.

How to verify your security information?


Just follow these steps to verify your security information from your computer or other Internet-enabled device:

  1. Sign in using your Microsoft account email address and password.
  2. Select Security.
  3. Click Update info.
  4. Click Verify next to your security information.
  5. You'll receive a security code via text or email to verify that you're the account owner. Enter the code when you receive it, and then click Verify.

You can update your security information at any time by signing in to account.microsoft.com

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