Friday, August 17, 2007

Live search Images: new features

Few days back, three new features were added to the Live search for Images. These new features help you find faces, portraits and black and white images.

So how to use them? Let us take an example of searching Sachin Tendulkar,

Try these for yourself
Without the new feature- Sachin Tendulkar
With new face filtering on- Sachin Tendulkar filter:face
With new portrait filtering on- Sachin Tendulkar filter:portrait
With new black and white filtering on-Sachin Tendulkar filter:bw

These are really cool additions. Here's the result with Black and white filtering On.
At present one has to type these filters by adding filter:face, filter:portrait, or filter:bw to the query. But I think, in future these features can be accessed from a drop-down menu or some other means.
One can check other cool features of Live search Images.

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