Monday, September 03, 2007

Windows Live Hotmail released on all servers

As I had posted earlier New Windows Live Hotmail Screenshots, at that time the New version was not on all servers, so many users have not yet got the newest version.
Now email support Space reports that newest version of Live Hotmail (which is called M2) has now been released and is on all servers. This means everybody can now enjoy the new features , upgrade of this new version.

One more thing to note that in the Compose message Window, the options of 'Cut/Copy/Paste' are again available. But this option is available only in users of IE6 and IE7

As you can see the difference of options available in

Internet Explorer 7

While in FireFox, the options for 'Cut/Copy/Paste' buttons, 'Insert Search Link', 'Background color' and 'Spell Checker' Options are not available yet.


Anonymous said...

On the newly upgraded version of Windows Live Hotmail (M2), how can I switch to the original Windows Live Hotmail? Let's just say I didn't like the new upgrade and interface, I like to old Windows Live better. Thanks!

vasudev said...

After the new upgrade you dont have option to switch back to old MSN Hotmail. Earlier there was an option in 'Option->more option' Switch to MSN Hotmail, But not at present.
You can switch to Classic version, though.
The classic version is very similar to MSN Hotmail, but faster, easier to use,and safer.