Thursday, December 06, 2007

Are you in the Originals Gallery ?

Microsoft is spreading awareness about the benefits of running Original Microsoft Software. Microsoft India has recently come up with a game which takes you through a maze of questions, testing your knowledge about original software, which finally takes you to Originals Gallery where you can upload your photograph if you are a Original software user.

You can check about the Originals Gallery here.

I completely agree with Abhishek's Post "How Original are you ?" as I also would have liked Microsoft to issue some kind of certificates or badges with Unique IDs, which can be displayed by the Microsoft Windows user as Proud Genuine User.

Recently, Microsoft India has been spreading awareness about Original software even on Indian Televisions Channels through commercials. Also its one of the sponsors of ongoing twenty-20 ICL cricket matches telecasts, about which I had posted earlier as its making use of Silverlight. Microsoft Silverlight and Cricket

So play the game and upload your photograph in to the Originals Gallery.
I am already in the Originals Gallery!!

Microsoft India is even providing Special Offers for those running Pirated or counterfeit Microsoft Windows to legalize it by providing Genuine Kit.

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