Monday, May 12, 2008

Windows Live Hotmail Help Topics for Mail and Settings

env Here is a compilation of top Windows Live Hotmail Help topics by Scott of Windows Live Hotmail Technical Support, which is about what you can do in Windows Live Hotmail Mail Settings. We may have been using Windows Live Hotmail for long time but may not have checked what are the things you can do with its settings. There are lots of things you can do with it. Check out the list compiled by Scott .

  • Set the junk e-mail filtering level
  • Set up e-mail alerts on your mobile phone
  • Incoming e-mails appear blank
  • Block or allow messages from specific senders and domains
  • Receive mail from other e-mail accounts
  • How do I reduce the amount of junk e-mail I receive?
  • Incoming e-mails are unreadable or appear in a different language
  • How do I add my e-mail account from Microsoft Outlook?
  • How do I add my e-mail account to Microsoft Outlook Express?
  • Reset your password
  • About restricted child accounts
  • Change the appearance of the Windows Live Hotmail window
  • Not receiving e-mail from contacts
  • Set up an automatic vacation reply
  • Change the viewing language
  • Receive a yellow warning message when trying to view or send an e-mail message
  • Transfer your e-mail information from another account to your Windows Live Hotmail account
  • Change your secret question and answer
  • Can't attach files to e-mail messages
  • Change your password
  • Receive an error message when trying to sign in
  • Can't download attachments
  • Add a signature to outgoing messages
  • Set or change reply address
  • Format message text
  • Filter incoming messages
  • Change the Today page settings
  • About Sender ID, spoofing, and phishing (You should check out scott's post on Email Security too.)
  • Create a Windows Live Hotmail account
  • Can't sign into Windows Live Hotmail with Safari

    These are taken from, where all other articles can also be found.

    I'll add to the list,  about the new settings option available recently of i'm initiative added now to Windows Live Hotmail users also. Hotmail users can also join i'm Initiative

    Also another of the  option I am using it is 'Automatically sort e-mail into folders'  (Options > More options..> Customize your mail > Automatically sort e-mail into folders) thus putting all the mails from a particular user put in a separate folder. This is one of my favorites.

    Check out these options and use them according to your convenience to make your experience with Windows Live Hotmail , a great one !

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