Wednesday, June 04, 2008

ShutterSpeed - Digital Photography and Imaging Show

Channel10 has started a show called ShutterSpeed,  a Digital Photography and Imaging Show for photo enthusiasts. It provides lots of tips straight from the experts which will help you to understand your camera and other photographic accessories so that you can take better photos. You will know better ways to edit, share and display your images.

In the first episode, it talks of principles of photography and what to look for in a digital camera, also there’s a discussion on online video storage and photo editing tools. Also there is a visit to the home studio of award winning photographer Phil Borges. Phil shows the equipment he uses in the field - including his home-made lighting rig - and talks about some of the techniques he uses to capture his magnificent portraits. Such tips from experts are very useful. 

ShutterSpeed is expected to be a regular series on Channel10. If you have any suggestions for future episodes or want to ask some tips,  please email at shutterspeedATon10DOTnet.

Earlier I had also compiled various Photographic resources provided by Microsoft: Microsoft's Photography Resources.

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