Monday, August 18, 2008

Silvester - A Silverlight Twitter Widget


If you like Twitter and you are also a fan of Silverlight, then here is the perfect widget : Silvester. Very Cute name. Its a Twitter widget based on Silverlight. Its created by Emil Stoychev. Check out here , for more details and code for putting it on your Blog or site. For those interested in what goes behind the widget, Emil has explained it nicely all the steps involved, so read it how you can build one by yourself. He also explains about the name Silvester. You can also Download the source Code.

Actually I came across this widget few days back & tried it but there was kind of bug where it was not behaving as expected. Twitter ‘Name’ and Twitter ‘Username’ were pointing to different address, which I reported to Emil with few suggestions. And it was Fixed and my suggestions also considered. Silvester is updated!

  Thanks Emil !

I am trying it on my Blog and also looking forward to improvements in the next version. Try  Silvester  now !

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Rahul Manekari said...

nice widget
thx for this sir...