Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Add Windows 7 Countdown gadget to your blog, desktop

As you know Windows 7 has already RTM’d and is also available to MSDN/TechNet Subscribers since Aug 6th but Windows 7 will be in retail stores and shipping on new PCs starting October 22nd. So how about a Countdown Widget of Windows 7 for it Public Launch? I had to search for a nice third party widget as official widget which can be put on blog/site was not there. Although one can find gadgets on Windows Live Gallery which can be used to put on Sidebars of Vista/Windows7 desktop. Recently I came across a widget which I liked very much and configured it to display it on my blog as shown. win7widg1

This widget is available at yourminis , one can configure it by clicking on edit me> edit event and filling out the date (22nd Oct), time, event name and link URL. One can also customize the appearance of the widget by clicking on the color picker icon to change the background color, text color, shape and size. Also one can add a skin image URL to provide a skin image. And it provides a Live preview, so whatever you change can be seen there. You can also change the size just by dragging the bottom right part of widget.

if you want to put the same widget as I have, then just click on the ‘copy me’ button (which appears as you mouse over on the top of widget) in my blog, which will provide lots of embed code options to be put on blogger, facebook, bebo, you can mail it also, Vista sidebar, mac dashboard, Yahoo widget and many more. (This code only be put only on blog which supports it and may not be accepted by blogs like Spaces.)

This is the best Countdown widget I have come across and if you also like it , copy the code or configure yourself and put a Windows 7 Countdown Gadget on your Blog, site or Vista sidebar. Get it now !

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