Sunday, April 19, 2015

OneDrive now supports Apple Watch

OneDrive is the free online storage from Microsoft ,  its for storing all your files and you can get to them from your iOS device, computer (PC or Mac) and any other devices you use.

And now with the latest update of OneDrive app for iOS, it supports Apple Watch too. It says:

‘If you have a new Apple Watch, you can enjoy your OneDrive photos right from your wrist!’


So Microsoft is ensuring that OneDrive will be there from the day Apple Watch will be seen on wrists of its user.

Seems the feature that would be available on Apple Watch will be to browse all the photos on OneDrive right from your wrist.

Anyway, one should appreciate Microsoft for providing the OneDrive update for Apple Watch right from the day one its made available.

You can get the OneDrive for iOS from iTunes . Can also check some more improvements in the new Version 5.3

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Windows 10 TP build 10049 install issue : “Updates are available, but we temporarily need 0.00 MB-0.00 MB of space…”

This post is about issue faced when upgrading Windows 10 TP from Build 10041 to 10049. Within 2 weeks of availability of Windows 10 TP Build 10041, next build 10049 was made available on fast ring. I was running Build 10041 and since I’m on fast ring, build 10049 was offered as WU. So started downloading…


But was stuck with this message : ‘Updates are available, but we temporarily need 0.00 MB – 0.00 MB of space to download…’


Though the message seemed to have bug as it didn’t mention the correct space required..I thought of recovering some space. There was Windows.old folder having previous Windows installation files and some other folders having temporary installation files. So instead of manually deleting them, I ran the built-in Disk cleanup tool. You can search for and run it. And do not forget to choose ‘Clean up System files’ to clean Windows.old and other temp installation files.


It cleaned and I had nearly 18 GB of free space now..but I was still getting the same message of ‘Updates are available, but we temporarily need 0.00 MB – 0.00 MB of space to download…’

Even the restart didn’t help. So it was not re-initializing the WU process…...I did these following steps:

Start > Run > net stop wuauserv and press enter.

So I just stopped the Windows update service.

Next I renamed the Windows > SoftwareDistribution folder then restarted the system and this time the Windows update was offered again. And the downloading started.

So the download was done and did a manual restart to start the upgrade process. It took ~3.5 hrs for me to complete the upgrade to 10049. At many points there were long pauses as it seemed like it has stuck at some % progress. So just keep an eye on Hard disk activity LED to ensure activity is going on.

I also checked the Microsoft Community and saw that many were facing this issue. and had also done similar things. And some had even deleted the SoftwareDistribution folder.

Official Microsoft solution:

And even Microsoft had posted the solution, this is what it said analyzing the problem:

There are two issues being hit here:

  1. The UX has a bug displaying space. It should be showing how much free space is needed, but is reporting 0.00.
  2. The rescan logic has a bug that requires the service to be retriggered, else it will not see newly freed space.

The solution for this problem is:

  1. Free at least 10GB to allow the download and setup process to have sufficient space to operate.
  2. From an elevated command prompt run ‘’usoclient startscan”, which will reinitiate the scan.

So just issue the above command from the elevated command prompt if you get this error.

Later Microsoft also noted that Builds 10041 and 10049 seem to be taking up much more disk space than previous builds and also taking much more time.

And provided this solution:

We have a bug, which in some cases is causing setup to download all available language packs during the installation of Builds 10041 and 10049.  We believe this is the cause of both of these issues.  It may also result in a few unexpected folders appearing on your desktop or in File Explorer.

If you’re blocked from installing the latest build because you don’t have enough disk space, you’ll want to free up 2.5 GB of space to resolve the issue.

If you want to reclaim the extra disk space from the language packs after installing the latest build:

  1. Open a command prompt as an administrator
  2. Bring up the interface for uninstalling language packs by typing the following command and press Enter:

Lpksetup /u

     3. Select the language packs you want to uninstall.

So if you are facing similar issues in installing Build 10049, just follow the solutions provided by Microsoft.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Post2Beat challenge for Microsoft Forum contributors

If you are a Microsoft Forum contributor, here’s a fun challenge! This is for all those Community Contributors who love to share knowledge with everyone via the Microsoft Forum Posts.


One has to Register for the Post2Beat challenge and maximize Forum Contributions and be a winner.

  • This challenge is open to everyone from India, Nepal and Bangladesh.
  • Microsoft Forums namely MSDN, TechNet, Community, and are considered for this challenge.
  • Post2Beat is open from Dec 23, 2014 to Jan 22, 2015.
  • One doesn’t have to report about ones Forum points/contribution but just have to register with your Forum Profile. Contributions will be reviewed on the last day of Post2Beat Challenge and winners will be notified via email and also will be announced during South Asia MVP Open Day 2015 (Jan 22-24) at Bangalore.

Please check for registering and other details.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Make your account more secure with Two-step verification

This two-step verification has been there since quite some time now but recently someone queried about how to enhance security of their Mail, as they are coming across more and more reports of accounts being hacked. So this post talks a bit about one of the ways of keeping ones account as secure as possible.

Two-step verification is an optional extra layer of security for your account. Two-step verification protects your account by making it more difficult for a hacker to sign-in even if he somehow knows your password. When this is enabled, you’ll see an extra page every time you sign in on a new or unfamiliar device or a device that isn't trusted*. On this page you’ll be prompted for entering a security code which will be sent to your phone or to the alternate email ID which you had provided earlier. This can also be obtained through an authenticator app on your smartphone (the official Microsoft authenticator can be found on Windows Phone and Android).

How to set up two-step verification in

  • Sign-in to your account. Click on the settings icon(Gear icon) > options


  • Click ‘Account details (password, addresses, time zone)’ > Security & privacy

you might be asked to sign-in again as you are accessing sensitive info


  • Click on ‘Set up two-step verification’ and just follow the instructions.That’s all.


*Just below that you can also see option for Trusted device.

“When you try to view or edit sensitive info related to your Microsoft account—like your credit card details—we might ask you for a security code first, to make sure that only you can get in to your account. But you can designate a PC as a trusted device. On trusted devices, you don't need to enter a security code each time you try to access sensitive info.”

Now coming back to two-step verification, some apps, like mail apps on some smartphones or devices like Xbox 360 can't prompt you to enter a security code when you try to sign in.

If you get an incorrect password error with an app or device, you'll need to create a unique app password to sign in. Once you've signed in with your app password, you're all set to use that app or device. You'll need to create and sign in with an app password once for each app or device that can't prompt you for a security code.

To get a unique app password, you have the ‘Create a new app password’ option under App password under ‘Security & privacy ‘ along with the Set up two-step verification. & this App password can then be entered into app or device that can’t send security codes.

So ensure an extra security layer with two-step verification for your account.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Media Center and Windows 10 Technical Preview

If you are one of those who have joined the Windows Insider program and installed trying out Windows 10 Technical Preview (TP), then you should not add Media Center product key. If you add then System Properties will show it as “Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center” and will say  Windows is not activated.

And not only this, using a purchased product key will also prevent you from getting updates and future builds for Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Microsoft in the Answers Community forum had replied in one of the queries:

We apologize for not catching this before we launched Tech Preview; we did not intend for you to be able to use a purchased product key on a preview build.

We do not recommend adding Media Center to Windows 10 Technical Preview as using a purchased product key will also prevent you from getting updates and future builds for Windows 10 Technical Preview.

To make sure you get updates for Tech Preview, we recommend that you download the ISO file and perform an in-place upgrade to re-install Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Microsoft Universal Mobile keyboard- switch between iPad, Android and Windows devices

Microsoft has introduced Universal Mobile keyboard for your tablets and Smartphones. And you can be on any OS, be it your iPad, iPhone, Android device or your Windows tablet, you can easily switch between them with a flick of a switch! Pair with up to 3 devices with different operating systems and easily switch between them.

“The compact and light weight design of the Universal Mobile Keyboard was built with portability in mind with its protective cover and built-in stand that holds your tablet or smartphone. Just flip the cover open to power-up and make a Bluetooth connection, then set your device into the integrated stand—you'll be typing in seconds. Shutting down is just as fast. Simply close the cover to turn off the keyboard—it's that easy. The rechargeable battery provides up to 6 months of usage on a single charge. But if you're ever low on power when you're heading out, don't worry—just do a 10 minute quick charge and you'll have plenty of power for a full day's work. “

There is no dedicated Windows specific key but dedicated keys for Android and a CMD for Apple users. So people can use shortcuts found in respective OS. umk4



Check the demo video:

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard
For more details please check here.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

[TIP] Secure OneDrive with PIN on your Android Phone

Many OneDrive users had suggested that they want some kind of password protection for their OneDrive on Smartphones. These users wanted to prevent other people who might also be using their device to have access to the files on OneDrive who may accidentally delete or change file on OneDrive.

Now with the latest OneDrive update, this security feature has been provided. Now OneDrive users can set up a 4 digit code which has to be entered when OneDrive app is opened on phones. This setting up a PIN is a good feature addition.

But as of now this Security PIN feature has been provided only for OneDrive Android app. OneDrive team has hinted that this feature will be made available on Windows Phone and iOS platform too.

How to set up security PIN on Android:

  • After updating your OneDrive app. Open OneDrive app .
  • Go to Settings on the app bar by tapping on those 3 dots at bottom right,
  • tap on Settings to open Settings page
  • Switch ON ‘Required code to use app’
  • Enter 4 digit code , so this PIN code will be required whenever you open OneDrive app.


So if you are an OneDrive Android user, secure OneDrive by enabling this feature.

UPDATE: As it was mentioned above, OneDrive team has now added this security feature to iOS too. Hoping it to soon see on Windows Phone too.

The latest OneDrive update, provides PIN code , Touch ID and sorting features for OneDrive for iOS app. Using fingerprint to sign-in feature has been added after including the brand new Touch ID API in iOS 8. So these features only available on iPhones, iPods  having iOS 8.


Now waiting for OneDrive team to provided this PIN code feature on Windows Phone..