Saturday, October 29, 2011

$99 HP Touchpads officially out of stock, Some retailers will have some stock available


This is the official mail I received just a few hours back -

Making sure customers have a positive experience when they purchase our products is a priority for us. In some cases, limited inventory makes it challenging to fulfill all customer orders. As you signed up for updates on the HP TouchPad, we wanted you to know that we are officially out of stock. Some retailers will have some stock available, but our online inventory is depleted.

Thank you for your interest in this product and the feedback you provided. Your input plays a critical role in defining our product roadmap and will help us continue to bring innovative products to market.


So $99 HP Touchpads will not available from HP anymore. That’s the end of it. Some retailers will have some limited stock. So have to see at what price they will be made available. The HP blog also updated this

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