Monday, November 07, 2011

[Tip] Enable Touch screen style side Charms on Non-touch devices in Windows 8

In many of the Windows 8 Developer Preview demos, you must have noticed how the Charms slide from the right side of the Tablets which are Touch enabled. They have been designed for Touch enabled devices in that way to make it easy for the Tablet user to use Charms. The same Charms on your Non-Touch Desktops are shown on bottom left in a different way.



Above screenshots show the Charms as we get on our Non-Touch enabled devices.

As I’m still using Windows 8 DP on Non Touch enabled devices and using Keyboard & mouse was wondering is there any way to get those kind of Side Charms. And yes there’s !!

There’s a Keyboard shortcut for this- just press WindowsKey+Shift+C to get side Touch Enabled device Styled side Charms on your regular desktops & Laptops. This works both in desktop mode and Metro Style Mode.


The above screenshot of my regular PC showing Side Charms. I would like to see the sequence of options of these Charms same for both as here as you can see they are different with Start in the middle in Side Charm or provide an option to move them within Charm.

Thanks to Jaycee13 for this excellent tip.

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