Friday, January 25, 2013

SkyDrive app gets Live Tiles feature

Yes, we have been seeing that SkyDrive is getting continuously improved as new features being added regularly. SkyDrive team listens to user’s feedback and implements them too. And the latest addition in this list is SkyDrive app getting Live Tiles feature. So your SkyDrive app on Windows 8 Start Screen will keep you up-to-date displaying the recent additions to your SkyDrive with its Live Tile. SkyDrive Team announced about this today.

From today the SkyDrive app from Windows Store will start showing the notifications thus updating its Live Tile whenever you add new files to SkyDrive, whether the files are added directly to it or via other apps. So the SkyDrive Live Tile, not only be used to launch it but from now on will show you what’s going on with its at-a-glance view dynamically. It’ll show you relevant details of the new files added.


For example, if you have added a document, you’ll see the document’s name, when it was added, and what folder it’s in.


If you have added photos, it’ll provide a nice view of these photos as can be seen above. And like other Live Tiles, now the SkyDrive tile too comes alive being dynamic and enhances your Windows 8 Start Screen. So you make the SkyDrive Tile larger if its set to show ‘smaller’ view.

And if by any chance, you do not want it to be a Live Tile, there’s always the option to ‘Turn Live Tile Off’ . Just right click on the Tile to get this option and click on 'Turn Live Tile off' from the app bar.


This new feature has already started rolling out and will be rolling out throughout the day and if you don’t see this on your SkyDrive tile yet, you’ll get it soon. I checked my SkyDrive and it already got this feature.

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