Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sneak peek into Windows with Leap Motion

Imagine if you could do things on your computer just like you do them in real life. If natural movements replaced all those clicks and taps and drags and drops. Imagine if technology finally figured out people, instead of the other way around. That’s the Leap Motion Controller.

Do almost anything without touching anything



Check how Leap Motion technology works seamlessly and easily with Windows. Whatever is possible in Windows 8 and Windows 7 can be done, even multi touch inputs, all this without actually touching.

“With Leap Motion technology, Windows OS is natural, easy, and fun to use. You'll navigate your desktop, browse the web, flip through photos, and do everything you do everyday in extraordinary ways —all with the wave of a hand or lift of a finger.”

More details and Pre-order from https://www.leapmotion.com/product

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