Sunday, July 26, 2015

Windows 10 adds option to download Windows updates & apps from other PCs

Microsoft has added an option to the Windows Update in Windows 10 Build 10240. This option is significant as it now allows to get Windows Updates and apps from other PCs apart from Microsoft.

From Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Advanced options > Choose how updates are delivered option is added.

At least I’m noticing it now..don’t know since how long it was added.



Download Windows updates and apps from other PCs in addition to Microsoft. This can help speed up app and update downloads.

When this option is turned ON, your PC may also send parts of previously downloaded Windows Updates and apps to PCs on your local network or PCs on the internet, depending on what’s selected from the provided options.

The link ‘Learn More’ is not yet available. Hope to see more details from Microsoft.

Even the option ‘Defer Upgrades’ seems recent :

“Some Windows 10 editions let you defer upgrades to your PC. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months. Deferring upgrades doesn’t affect security updates. Note that deferring upgrades will prevent you from getting the latest Windows features as soon as they’re available”

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