Saturday, October 24, 2015

Troubleshooting Windows 10 Photos app crash

Since some time now, there have been many users who are complaining of Windows 10 Photos app crashing or closing after editing a photo. Some users are also complaining of the app getting closed as soon they open the app or the app freezing after opening and then it closes. One can try these methods to troubleshoot any Windows 10 Store app problems in general:

  • First of all ensure the latest version of the app is installed. Go to Store and check if any updates are available for the app if you have set to check the updates manually.
  • If you have problems with an app from the Windows store, try this app troubleshooter : Run Troubleshooter  one can download and run this or
  • From the Control panel , run the troubleshooting > Hardware & Sound > Windows Store apps
  • Next is one can uninstall the app and reinstall. Photos app being installed along with Windows OS doesn’t have right click ‘Uninstall’ option in the context menu like other user installed Windows Store apps. So will have to issue this PowerShell command. (This is specific for Photos app)
    • Search for Windows PowerShell in Search box and on search results, right click on Windows PowerShell and Run as administrator.
    • On the Powershell prompt,  Type

          get-appxpackage *Microsoft.Windows.Photos* | remove-appxpackage

    and press enter. After its removed, reinstall the app from- 

  • One can try resetting Windows store.
    • Right click on start and click on Run.
    • In the Run window, type WSReset.exe and click OK
  • If its confirmed that the issue is with photos app only then one can try resetting the Photos app database.
    • Open Run Window
    • Type:
      • %appdata%\..\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.Photos_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState
      • One can copy paste this into Run window and click OK to open this location in Windows Explorer.
      • Delete all the contents of that folder

So these were some of the methods to tackle Windows Store app issues in general and Photos app issue in particular. Hope it solves your Photos app issue.

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