Friday, July 01, 2016

Windows Insider MVP Program announced

For over two decades, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) have been playing important role in advancement and adoption of various Microsoft technologies. The MVP Program was started in 1993. MVPs provide early feedback, inspire new ideas and features which are based on their real-time experience. Moving forward, Microsoft after listening to various feedback on MVP Program itself, started restructuring it and some details on restructuring was announced in October 2015.


Focus on Developers and IT Professionals:

MVP Program restructuring was mainly based to focus on Developers and IT Pros. Microsoft is now moving from 36 areas of technical expertise to a set of 10 broader categories that encompass a combined set of 90 technology areas—including open source technologies. Due to this restructuring, the Consumer MVP award categories were moved out of the earlier MVP program and are now put under a new program announced today, Windows Insider MVP Program. These are the MVPs focused on Windows and Devices for consumers. MVPs under these award, now would be supported directly by the product teams.


Microsoft was revamping the MVP program since few months and has figured out to put these Consumer MVPs into Windows Insider Program, where future of Windows is being shaped directly by the people who use Windows most. The new program will allow Microsoft to work more closely with MVPs as there will be direct interactions with Windows and Devices product teams.

Announcing the new Windows Insider MVP program, Dona Sarkar said

“This is just the beginning of the journey, and I look forward to our ongoing collaboration with the MVPs. While we are working directly with existing MVPs as they transition into the new program, for our most engaged Insiders, the opportunity to become a Windows Insider MVP will come early in 2017 and will be unveiled this fall.”

So one can look forward to more details in future announcements.

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