Saturday, June 21, 2014

[TIP] How to Pause and trigger Sync in OneDrive for Windows 8.1

Here’s a small but useful tip for OneDrive users. OneDrive has been getting new features regularly. One of the most requested feature was more control over syncing OneDrive files in Windows 8.1. Suppose you wanted to make full use of your bandwidth but the OneDrive Syncing process was going on, so you can now pause this Sync process and provide full bandwidth to your required download and later resume the Sync.

And the latest updates to OneDrive provides this feature. This update allows you to trigger a sync or pause an in-progress sync right from the system tray. Knowledge Base article KB2965174 titled “OneDrive improvement update for Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1: June 2014” gives details.

After installing the latest updates, Just click on the OneDrive Systray icon and there you have the option -

  • Sync
  • Pause Syncing

It also shows your OneDrive Status whether its uptodate or  not, and when was it updated. So if you haven’t yet noticed it, please check them and if not updated, get the latest update.

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