Tuesday, July 21, 2015

[tip] How to add a link to the Favorites bar in Microsoft Edge

It is a small tip, but since it was asked by users as Microsoft Edge is recently released. This shows how to add a page URL/link to the favorites bar in Microsoft Edge. So frequently visited links can be easily accessed by putting them on Favorites bar.

1. First one has to enable/show the favorites bar. For this click on the 3 dots (more action) at top right of the Edge browser > Settings > Show the favorites bar to ON


2. With favorites bar showing, now open the page whose link you want to add to favorites bar. Click on the Star > Create in >Select 'Favorites Bar' drop down


And click on ‘Add’ . That’s all . And the Link will be added to the Favorites Bar. Here in the pic a link has been shown added.


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