Friday, December 30, 2016

Windows Scoop Fans program for Windows Insiders in India

Microsoft is launching a new exclusive program for Windows Insiders in India. Its called the “Windows Scoop Fans” program.


This program is designed for most enthusiastic Windows fans and compliments the Windows Insider Program.

What Windows Scoop Fans will get?

Those selected to join will get access to a private Facebook page loaded with exclusive updates on Windows, including news on the latest apps and devices. Member will also get valuable tips and tricks, invitations to Windows fan events and more.

How to join this program?

In the mail sent to Windows Insiders, Microsoft has detailed how to join this program.

Send us an email answering this one question — ‘Why I’m the biggest fan of Windows’. Tell us about a favourite feature, a Windows app you’ve created or how Windows helps you do great things. We’re open to a wide range of responses. And feel free to add photos, videos, etc.

Last date for submission is 5th Jan 2017 and selection by 15th Jan. Interested Insiders should hurry up and get selected.

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